From the Beginning:

Garden and Orchard

As the vision to add a new dimension to the farm became a reality, volunteers pitched in planning & designing a space that blossomed into a fruitful garden!



 Through hard work & sweat the Daufuskie Community has come closer to sustainable living. With creative designs, the use of farm produced organic compost, watering & daily maintenance "Fresh" food is being produced for the benefit of our members and volunteers. 

Garden and Orchards

Growing seasons

On Daufuskie we have several growing seasons and we are located in the hardiness zone 8b for planting.  We are able to have fruits in our orchard and gardens that our climate allows us to have almost year round!  

Join Us


Join the Community!

  Our Community Garden & Orchard has been a joy to our local palette as our volunteers sample fresh organically grown produce!

Our community is open to anyone interested in being a part of our vision. ​Feel free to contact us for more information about ways you can join the experience!.